ZERO Is Healthcare. Simplified.

Many in the U.S. go without the care that they need because they either can’t afford the out-of-pocket cost, get lost in the complexity or both. ZERO is changing that by delivering care for $0 out-of-pocket, simplifying the process and saving employers up to 50% on the cost of care. ZERO is the benefit you and your employees need more now than ever.

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Offer A Benefit That Is Truly Unbelievable

ZERO offers on-demand, virtual behavioral health services and 24/7 virtual primary care, through 98point6®. In addition, ZERO also covers medical labs and imaging, scheduled care like surgeries, disease treatment, physical therapy, sleep studies and more. Every service covered by ZERO is always $0 out-of-pocket for plan members, taking down the barrier of cost, while greatly simplifying healthcare for everyone involved.

  • No copays. No deductibles. No coinsurance.
  • Virtual behavioral health services, 24/7 primary care, labs and imaging, surgeries and much more
  • Personal Health Assistants to help members get the care that they need and to offer support along the way

"We love ZERO. It provides such a peace of mind during uncertain times of having to schedule diagnostic testing. ZERO allows me to take care of my family and focus on their health without worrying about all the unexpected expenses that come with hospital and outpatient billing from medical providers."

Sarah B, ZERO Member

"It has been easy and actually cost 0 dollars! I have told countless people and (understandably) they don't believe it. I want to promote it because I want others to get the treatment they need/deserve too. For me, I put off my medical needs for years in order to not deal with insurance companies. Not with ZERO!"

Zachary F, ZERO Member

"Using ZERO has been super easy and great! Everyone has been helpful and I love that I can get health care my family needs but wouldn’t necessarily be able to afford for $0!"

Staci M, ZERO Member

Reduce Your Benefits Cost By Up To 50%

ZERO has created a bundled-payment marketplace with providers who offer thousands of procedures at costs that are far below the typical allowed amounts — dramatically lowering the financial barriers to high-value care. We’ve seen overall savings as high as 50% — with the average sitting at about 44%.

  • Pay only a simple and transparent transaction fee
  • No setup costs, no PEPM, no hidden fees
  • Save money while offering an employee-retaining benefit

Gain Visibility Into Utilization & Costs

ZERO has built an agile technology platform to liberate your data so it’s easy for you to make informed decisions about your purchasing strategies. Our proprietary analytics tools make sense of your claims data so you know exactly how much you have been paying, how much you could save and where you can improve.

  • Get insights on plan member utilization
  • See your annual savings and top category savings
  • Learn which services members are using the most

ZERO Is A Win For Your Employees & For You

ZERO is saving self-funded employers millions of dollars per year, while offering plan members a healthcare experience that is beyond anything they’ve experienced before. There’s never been a better time to see if ZERO is right for your organization.