Healthcare is shifting from volume to value.
We help you win in the Member-First Economy.

ZERO is “that idea” you want to share

With Every Single Client.

This is the healthcare solution that will make you the hero – lower employer costs while simultaneously improving the benefits. And you don’t even need to wait for open enrollment to add the power of ZERO to your client’s benefits program.

We want to be your source for good news!

Your self-insured clients are paying too much for health care and for a lot of things they are just overpaying. We help you turn data and insight and deliver a completely reimagined world of healthcare.

ZERO is here.

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Sara Sara C. | Miller Truck Lines

ZERO has tremendously enhanced our compensation package. Great benefits AND savings for our employees and our company!”

Kelly Kelly P. | City of Muskogee

ZERO provides excellent customer and client services, and a quick turn around and a no hassle claims process making it a win for our employees and my team.”

Sanjay Sanjay M. | Fluoride ARC

ZERO hasn’t just been a savings tool; it has been a game changer for our employees and their families.”

Dianna Dianna D. | Muncie Power Products

“Our employees love ZERO!
It’s been a game-changer for our employees.”

ZERO is the magic wand

for Benefits Consultants

ZERO is that perfect solution you can offer to your clients at any time, for any reason. No need to wait for open enrollment.

This is why we should be friends.

Give them the better health benefits program they’ve been asking for, and a program that you can fully get behind.

  • Incredible savings opportunities

  • No additional PEPM

  • Best possible care options

  • No additional administration for you as a benefits advisor

Ready to Wow Your Clients?
ZERO card
  • Modern Communication

    Members expect to be able to email and chat live with support teams

  • Radical Simplicity

    Members need an easy and simple way to access the care they need

  • Personalized Services

    Members anticipate a platform custom-tailored to their unique needs

  • Amazing Experience

    Members demand a world-class experience each and every time

  • Instant Solutions

    Members want a solution they can access right when they need it, wherever they are

You Don’t Need a Product Strategy.

You Need a Platform Strategy.

  • Turn Data Into Insight.

    We built a proprietary analytics platform to make it easy to turn your data into actionable insight. It’s like having an entire team of data scientists focused just on you and your customer’s unique needs.

  • Insight Into Suggested Action.

    You shouldn’t have to look for answers, the answers should find you. Instantly drill down by geography, category and even individual procedures to see where you customers can save today.

  • Action Into Measurable Impact.

    We measure the impact every time a plan member uses Zero Card so you always know how much you’re saving. We also make it easy for you to know exactly how much more you can save and where to focus your efforts.

It’s time to shift gears.

It’s time to Shift into ZERO.

When you help your clients Shift into ZERO, everyone wins.

  • Members Win.

    With the help of their own Personal Health Assistant, members are supported and informed when making healthcare decisions. They can now choose to access high-quality providers for $0 and get the care they deserve without breaking the bank.

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  • Employers Win.

    Employers save lots of money compared to the costs of those old legacy “one-size-fits-all” plans while simultaneously hooking employees and their families up with a benefit they love and benefits they can trust.

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  • Providers Win.

    Providers get access to a whole new marketplace of patients, they get paid in full so they don’t have to chase down all those deductibles and coinsurance amounts and they can now focus on healthcare and get out of the collections business.

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We’re in the midst of some serious shift right now.

Learn how we are accelerating the shift to the member-first economy by delivering the best combination of cost, quality and convenience.