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Your company’s self-funded health plan doesn’t have to stick to the status quo. ZERO delivers an amazing employee experience with $0 in out-of-pocket costs - and we can help you save up to 50% on episodic care like lab, imaging, physical therapy and surgery.

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photo of Sara C. | Miller Truck Lines

“ZERO has tremendously enhanced our compensation package. Great benefits AND savings for our employees and our company!”

Sara C. | Miller Truck Lines
photo of Kelly P. | City of Muskogee

“ZERO provides excellent customer and client services, and a quick turn around and a no hassle claims process making it a win for our employees and my team.”

Kelly P. | City of Muskogee
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It’s time to shift gears.

It’s time to Shift into ZERO.

Maintaining the status quo drives costs upward and is hurting employees and their families. High deductibles, limited options and a bad user experience are driven by the fundamental flaws of legacy plan design.

No matter how much you are spending on healthcare we can help you support your employees and their families by making sure they have access to the care they need.

Offering ZERO on top of your current health plan saves you money, saves your employees money and best of all, delivers the best combination of cost, quality and convenience.

With ZERO, Everybody Wins.

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We use technology, data and plan design to help employers

make smarter buying decisions and remove the barriers to high-value care

  • We built an agile technology platform to liberate your data so it’s easy for you to make informed decisions about your purchasing strategies.

  • Our proprietary analytics tools make sense of your claims data so you know exactly how much you have been paying, how much you could save and where you can improve.

  • We built a bundled payment marketplace to dramatically lower your costs while simultaneously removing all the financial barriers to high-value care.

Sara C. Sara C. | Miller Truck Lines

“ZERO has tremendously enhanced our compensation package. Great benefits AND savings for our employees and our company!”

Kelly P. Kelly P. | City of Muskogee

“ZERO provides excellent customer and client services, and a quick turn around and a no hassle claims process making it a win for our employees and my team.”

Sanjay M. Sanjay M. | Advance Research Chemical

“ZERO hasn’t just been a savings tool; it has been a game changer for our employees and their families.”

Dianna D. Dianna D. | Muncie Power Products

“Our employees love ZERO!
It’s been a game-changer for our employees.”

When Employers offer ZERO,

Employers Win, BIG!

We help you optimize plan spend and make smarter decisions across 44 unique clinical categories and over 2,500 specific services and procedures.

  • Orthopedic Surgery

  • Lab-Pathology

  • Gastroenterology

  • Adv. Imaging - MRI

  • Adv. Imaging - CT

What Makes

ZERO Special?

  • No Risk Fees.

    The last thing you need is another per employee, per month fee (PEPM). We charge a simple transaction fee so we only make money when you save money.

    That’s it. No setup costs, no hidden fees and no surprises. It doesn’t get any easier or more transparent than that.

  • Amazing Member Experience.

    We track member experience using Net Promoter Score (NPS) and with a NPS of 94 we significantly outperform the status quo.

    By the way, a lot of those old school healthcare organizations actually have negative net-promoter scores? Yeah – that scares us too and gives us even more passion to accelerate the shift to the member-first economy.

  • You Can Save BIG.

    Average savings is 44% across thousands of procedures and services and we can show you exactly how much you are overspending and how much you can actually save.

    Give us 30 minutes and we can give you a demo so you can see just how BIG the savings actually are.

Member Reviews

Average Score: 4.7 / 5.0

"I love ZERO. Everyone that I call that works there are awesome. I wish my adult kids companies had this benefit."

Kelly J, ZERO Member

"I have always found it easy to use ZERO. I get fast answers and I think the service is great. The rep is always willing to help me anytime."

Elisa H, ZERO Member

"This was my 1st time using ZERO as one of my work benefit offerings and I was very pleased and surprised at how easy and pain-free it was to use."

Tim M, ZERO Member

"Everything was great, process was very quick. Couldn’t be any happier with everything so far."

Justin G, ZERO Member

"ZERO’s staff is always so friendly! I appreciate working with them as they are so knowledgeable and kind!"

Tammy G, ZERO Member

"My experience was painless compared to the injury I was nursing. Everything was taken care of!"

Jason H, ZERO Member

"Used ZERO multiple times and always had a great experience."

Kelsey K, ZERO Member

"I urgently needed to have some tests performed. ZERO representatives were professional & timely in finding me convenient locations."

Karen O, ZERO Member

"I was hesitant to believe that it would be easy to use, but I was very pleasantly surprised!"

Katherine V, ZERO Member

"The whole experience of ZERO was again stellar. This is one of the best benefits we have ever had. The initial consult was in an ER on regular insurance and horrible."

Travis A, ZERO Member

"The people at ZERO are always helpful and courteous. They try to make it as easy as possible for me to get treatment."

Dana D, ZERO Member

"ZERO was awesome, they made everything so easy and it was quick as well. Love it!"

Lisa K, ZERO Member

"Getting the appointment and all the needed information was easy."

Amber C, ZERO Member

"I had a good experience. The scheduling time was quick and easy. I also received an appointment within a week of requesting the service."

Stefan K, ZERO Member

"Using ZERO has been super easy and great! Everyone has been helpful and I love that I can get health care my family needs but wouldn’t necessarily be able to afford for $0!"

Staci M, ZERO Member

"It is always easy and effortless to work with The ZERO to access and schedule free care and tests!"

Teresa H, ZERO Member

"I received the best possible care from everyone I came into contact with. So thankful for Zero Card!"

Robin B, ZERO Member

"ZERO has not only helped me with getting test scheduled in a timely manner but helped my family with the financial responsibility. I am grateful to be a part of the ZERO program."

Cassandra N, ZERO Member

"It was a great experience, quick appointment!"

Shelby R, ZERO Member

"The service has been great, I have not had any problems and everything has been well taken care of."

Marquita M, ZERO Member

"This process was so incredibly easy! They call you to set up the appointment and schedule. The staff over the phone at ZERO were so kind and explained all of my questions. I kept thinking there was a catch. But it's so comforting to know I can get my knee looked at and not debate if I have the money for an MRI"

Stephanie S, ZERO Member

"We love the ZERO. It allows me to take care of my family and focus on their health without worrying about all the unexpected expenses that come with hospital and outpatient billing from medical providers."

Sarah B, ZERO Member

"It has been easy and actually cost 0 dollars! I have told countless people and (understandably) they don't believe it. I want to promote it because I want others to get the treatment they need/deserve too. For me, I put off my medical needs for years in order to not deal with insurance companies. Not with ZERO!"

Zachary F, ZERO Member

"You are super easy to schedule with. Take care of the paper work and make life easy!"

Hope R, ZERO Member

"ZERO personnel is always so professional and so helpful. Thank you!"

Leticia M, ZERO Member

"It was great, very professional staff and respectful. I felt valued."

Angie P, ZERO Member

"Yes- super quick and easy. Awesome service!"

Kristin G, ZERO Member

"I have never had an issue, everyone is polite and quick to respond."

Cheryl L, ZERO Member

"I was quite satisfied."

Dena D, ZERO Member

"You guys are wonderful. I have used ZERO quite often. You take the stress off the situations that we go through. Thank you !!!!!"

Stephanie D, ZERO Member

"I have used ZERO for a few procedures now and it is always easy, everyone is very professional and kind, and service is always provided quickly."

Joyce H, ZERO Member

"ZERO health advocates make this so easy! I am still waiting for the bills to show up bc I jus can't believe all the imaging is ZERO $$!! Such a pleasant surprise!"

Melissa D, ZERO Member

"Everyone with ZERO I have been in contact with has been wonderful."

Frances F, ZERO Member

"ZERO helped remove the difficulty of proceeding with therapy."

Brian H, ZERO Member

"I have been very impressed with ZERO. Every time I have a question it is quickly answered and everyone is very friendly."

Amanda B, ZERO Member

We’re in the midst of some serious shift right now.

Learn how we are accelerating the shift to the member-first economy by delivering the best combination of cost, quality and convenience.