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Get the care you need for $0. No deductibles, no copay, no coinsurance. That’s ZERO.

From labs and imaging to physical therapy and surgery we help your employer offer benefits that you love. We deliver the best combination of cost, quality and convenience.
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We are in the midst of a seismic shift, a critical moment in time that will crown the winners of the member-first economy.

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BIG Healthcare

Legacy health plans are designed on a “one size fits all” model but every employer and every plan member is unique.

This “universal” approach creates a bloated, broken and irrational marketplace that is opaque by design and significantly under performs.


Member-First Economy

Today’s health plan members demand and deserve a health plan that is easy to understand, easy to use and delivers the best combination of cost, quality, and convenience.

Members expect a platform that’s custom-tailored to their unique needs. A world of ZERO cost and 10X the delight.

Our Vision for Healthcare
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“Very simple process. I’ve never had a benefit like this in 30 years of working. It’s fabulous and simple. Thank you!” Janice G. University of Central Oklahoma
“We love ZERO so much. It really has saved us so much time and money on our procedures. Amazing.” Harry F. D&L Oil Tools
“I love ZERO. It’s the best thing EVER! I tell everyone about it. Seriously, thank you so much.” Misti G. Enovation Controls
“ZERO is the best element of our company’s insurance. The value is unbeatable and has helped maintain my health without draining my bank account.” Will C. Case and Associates
“It was so easy and the fact that I got a procedure done at no cost to me was a relief and helped me take a step closer to better health! Thank you so much!” Brianna H. Family & Children’s Services
“It was super simple and fast to get into see the doctor. I could not have been more pleased with the ease of using ZERO and selection of specialists available!” Andrew M. CAP Tulsa
“ZERO provides excellent customer and client services, and a quick turn around and a no hassle claims process making it a win for our employees and my team.” Kelly P. City of Muskogee
“Working in City government we are always trying to find ways to be good stewards of City finances while still trying to provide the best benefits possible to our employees. Offering ZERO to employees did just that and has been an excellent benefit. We couldn’t be happier with it – thank you so much!” Laura S. City of Bartlesville
“ZERO has tremendously enhanced our compensation package. Great benefits AND savings for our employees and our company, we can’t thank you enough!” Sara C. Miller Truck Lines
“It’s rare when an employer can find a benefit that is such an impactful win-win for our stakeholders - it materially lowers the healthcare costs for both the company and our associates.” Frank M. Genisys Controls
“ZERO is a “game changer” when it comes to health care management and cost containment. ZERO utilizes top-rated providers and removes traditional barriers to healthcare access. Our employees and their families could not be more appreciative of a benefit that provides a win-win strategy for all.” Robert F. Webco Industries Inc.
“We’ve had ZERO for about a year and I can honestly say ZERO is the best benefit we have ever offered. At least once a week I have employees tell me how much money they save and how they appreciate ZERO’s excellent customer service. Thank you for making a difference in our employees’ lives!” Beth W. Southern Nazarene University
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How It All Works.

Step 01

Plan members connect with their own Personal Health Assistant (yes, a real person) to see if the procedure or service they need is covered.

Step 02

We match plan members up with local healthcare providers delivering the best combination of cost, quality and convenience.

Step 03

Members save their hard earned cash and get access to the care they need for $0 while employers save up to 50% compared to average costs of those legacy “one-size-fits-all” health plans Oh Yeah!

Happy, happy people and High-Fives all around!

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We use technology, data and plan design to help employers make smarter buying decisions and remove the barriers to high-value care.

We’re in the midst of some serious shift right now.

Learn how we are accelerating the shift to the member-first economy by delivering the best combination of cost, quality and convenience.